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Deep Silver admits to releasing Homefront: The Revolution too early

At least they understand that.

When we first got our hands on Homefront: The Revolution we saw a game with great ideas that were so poorly implemented and unfinished that we couldn't even recommend it. The game has seen plenty of updates since it released in May which have improved the game, at least according to the developer.

Looking at the most recent Steam reviews, the game appears to be seeing some more positive reviews in the recent weeks. A recent interview with the developer has revealed that they felt the burn from release as much as fans did.

“We have learnt some big lessons from Homefront,” Deep Silver global brand and marketing director Paul Nicholls said to MCV. “You can see in the market at the moment, quality is absolutely king and some big IPs have struggling figures at the moment. We learnt a lot of lessons about what to do going forward. Not just the quality of the product, but when we launch as well.”

Nicholls continued, “The team at [developer] Dambuster did a fantastic job, With what the team there has done, getting the product patched and so on, the sentiment with consumers has really turned around. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback compared to when we launched, so timing was probably the biggest lesson we have learnt there.”

It's nice to see a developer aware of what went wrong with a game and moving forward with the knowledge instead of just doing it again with the next game.

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