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Cliff Bleszinski says he doesn't want to resort to "Candy Crush type-tactics" to boost LawBreakers' player base

"We got your back and we're sticking with it."

By now it's no secret, LawBreakers has had a lot of trouble maintaining its concurrent user base. A lot of that has more to do with the competition surrounding it than it does the quality of the game itself. In an interview with Gamespot, Cliff Bleszinski reaffirmed the studio's commitment to sticking with LawBreakers, citing Warframe as an inspiration for the way forward and expressed that he's not interested in pushing free-to-play conventions on the existing player base.

"We got your back, and we're sticking with it," Bleszinski said in regards to the players who have paid full price ($30) for the game. When asked if the game could revert to being free-to-play, Bleszinski wasn't a fan of the idea, but wouldn't rule it out completely.

"I was of the belief that $29.99, it's a little bit over [what it should have cost] ... It's pretty much an impulse buy. And did it help? Did it hurt? Should it have gone free? Maybe. Would we consider experimenting with that in the future? I wouldn't remove it from the table. But, I just ... I don't want to get down into sleazy free to play, as much as I want to keep this game afloat and with our, like I said, our fledgling community, I don't want to get into Candy Crush type-tactics 'cause I just won't be able to sleep at night and I don't sleep well to begin with."

The main reason that Bleszinski wouldn't rule out a free-to-play model was that the studio has plans to release the game in Asia, whose market pretty much dictates free-to-play as a necessity. He said bringing a free-to-play version to the states was a possibility, but didn't want to "start doing gun rentals anytime soon in-game."

LawBreakers is available now on PC and PS4.


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