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Chain Chronicle seduces you with love and raging magical chocolate monsters

What a way to go, such love


To be fair, if there HAD to be killer monsters in this world, I think I’d want raging magical chocolate monsters over many other options. Don’t get me wrong, they would be terrifying. Then again, part of me salivates just thinking of it. Getting through a giant chocolate bunny is one thing – a boss sized Chain Chronicle killer chocolate beast would take forever. These are real thoughts I’m having.

Chain Chronicle has started the first wave of their Valentine’s Day events. As per usual for their events, there is a whole lot going on. The event officially started today and will be going until February 15. During this event, you’ll be able to recruit Magical Sweets Warrior Schule. Being raised in the Sage’s Tower, she was trained in enhancing nutrients in food into magical powers. This 5-Star mage wields a B-grade chocolate sword, costs 17, has a 6,610 Max ARK, and 4,480 Max HP.

Magical Sweets Warrior Schule has an increased drop rate during this event for 50 Prysma. Other increased drop rate characters include:

  • Sorcerer’s Army Captain Yuni
  • Lady Fencer Yoshino
  • Sorcerer’s Army Commander Katya
  • Fortunate Soldier Nimpha
  • Universal Mage Aludra
  • Magical Ice Puppet Islem  

Alongside with increased 5-Star pulls are three temporary dungeons. There are three difficulties with varying rewards – intermediate, advanced, & expert. There will also be two quests that will appear on specific days. The “Chocolate for Phoena” will be on February 13th while Day of the Saint of Love will be on February 14th.  Who will Phoena make chocolate for? I think we all know.

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