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Chain Chronicle's Demon of Prisons Coropatillon event begins

Demon for your thoughts


The lands of Yggdra of Chain Chronicle once again have themselves some demon problems. While it’s not The Demon of Desecration Katarith and her Onyx Dragon this time around, it is an opponent equally as dangerous. This is where the Demon of Prisons Coropatillon comes in. Once human, this woman allowed her heart to be darkened and corrupted to the point of transforming into demon. She’s interested in one thing, slicing her opponents up with an axe.  

Much like Katarith though, if you can get to stage 50 of this event, Coropatillon will join you:

A woman whose blackened soul has turned her into a demon. Once she was a heartless cutthroat from some foreign land. Engulfed in her hatred of restraints to the point of wishing to destroy all of the bonds holding the world together, she joins the Black Army. However, after fighting the group, she changes her mind and befriends them.     

The event works just like Katarith’s did. You can hold up to three soul and one soul regenerates every half hour, all soul returns upon leveling or using a Vigor Fruit. When you take on the demons you choose to use one soul which will grant you 90 seconds or three souls that cost 200 seconds. If you don’t’ defeat the demon in time, it will run away. You can use more soul to chase it or ask your friends to help. If a friend defeats the demon you can move on but don’t get the reward. The levels become more difficult the further you go.

The Demon of Prisons Coropatillon is a 5-star soldier class character who uses an axe. She costs 16, has a Max Attack of 5,540, and a Max HP of 5,840. While she drops at level 50 of the event, she also drops at level 80, to maximize her worth in your party – you’ll want both.

Best of luck out there! This event has already started and will be going until February 22nd.  

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