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Bandai Namco to double down on Nintendo Switch game development

Because it's worth it.


While Nintendo has been killing it in sales for the Nintendo Switch (even in year-over-year data compared to the PS4 and Xbox One), game developers who decided to play it safe with Nintendo's new hybrid console have been left scrambling to catch up. 

Ubisoft was an early adopter of the Nintendo Switch, they even spoke highly of the device back when it was known as the 'NX'. Their adoption of the Nintendo Switch from the get-go has already begun making its way back in revenue (the Nintendo Switch accounted for 19% of total sales this last quarter - roughly the same amount as the Xbox One).

EA has decided to continue being skeptical of the device, but Bandai Namco won't continue with the doubt - they are doubling down. Bandai Namco's President Mitsuaki Taguchi released the following statement to the Wall Street Journal.

"We have put 3 games on the Switch so far and all of them are doing well. It's a shame but we didn't think the Switch [would] be accepted this fast."

Taguchi went on to say that Bandai Namco will be allocating more resources to developing games for the Nintendo Switch and it should be happening around April 2018. It was even suggested that all of Bandai Namco's properties could see a release on the Nintendo Switch.

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