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6 Minutes of DOOM being played on the Nintendo Switch

Well ain't that something...

Doom Switch

A few media outlets have gotten their hands on Bethesda and Id's DOOM for Nintendo Switch and have previewed about six minutes of the game, running in real time. In fact, their camera is focused on the actual Switch, so you can see it running on the hardware, as opposed to a video preview.

Below is GameSpot's hands-on video.

When the news first hit that DOOM (and Wolfenstein 2) would be coming to the Switch, there were already doubters saying that it just wouldn't play right, that it would stutter and be unplayable. Even the comments on the article I wrote covering the news, had such doubters.

But this video clearly shows that not only does the game look good, but it plays well too. While I can't speak from first-hand experience, I don't see any noticeable lag or stutter anywhere. So far reports are that the game runs at a solid 30 frames per second and while that's not 60 like on other platforms, the fact that it's stable, smooth and is portable, should at least count for something. I'm certain hardcore fans will still feel the PS4, XBox One and PC versions are superior, and they aren't wrong, we need to view the Switch version as something different. The Switch is giving players the same game, story, features and even multiplayer, but what it lacks in FPS, it makes up for being portable. Isn't that what people have been asking for since the Gameboy? Current generation games, on the go. This is it, people, it's happening now. Stop griping about a few frames per second and look at the bigger picture. I'm not telling anyone to buy this over the big three, but don't dismiss either. If you want a top-shelf, AAA shooter that you can take with you, it looks like DOOM is going to deliver.

DOOM for Nintendo Switch is due to be released this holiday season, as in 2017.

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