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It's time for revenge! Jake Conway has just returned home from Vietnam when his younger brother is brutally murdered by a rival biker gang called “The Devil’s Hand”. Set in the outlaw era of America's Sixties, Jake takes on anyone or anything standing in the way of his bloody revenge fest - on bike, on foot and on fire. Join the Retribution

Ride to Hell: Retribution Review

The writing probably could've been seen on the wall from a mile away. Ride To Hell: Retribution was in the works for what seems like ages over at Eutechnyx, then mysteriously got cancelled and taken off the Deep Silver website in 2009. It somehow resurfaced with a rating and a release date a few weeks back, but, upon contacting the publisher for a review copy, it stated they weren't being distributed. And the game's price point? Half of what a retail game normally sells for, $29.99. I should've known what kind of trouble I was in for with Retribution…but I jumped in anyway, curious to see if it was as much of a train wreck as indicated. And boy, is it. This is a game that offers nothing of redeeming value, even if you're a hardcore fan of Sons of... Read Review

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