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Bowser crashes the latest Mario Party, the first installment of the series on the Wii U console. In the new Bowser Party mini-games, play as Bowser himself and face off against up to four others playing as Mario and friends. Control Bowser using the buttons, motion controls and touch screen of the Wii U GamePad controller in different ways, and wreak havoc as Bowser in each mini-game while the other players strive to survive.  

Mario Party 10 Review

16 years after the release of the initial Mario Party for N64, Nintendo is finally bringing its interactive digital board game to its newest console, the Wii U. With it come new modes that make full use of the Wii U’s technology, but do little else to offer a fresh experience. With Mario Party 10 returns the classic Mario Party mode. This is your standard game mode where you move around a digital board and compete in mini-games to collect stars. While the 70-or-so mini-games offered in Mario Party 10 are entertaining enough, they happen far too infrequently and have little impact on the overall outcome of the game. Most of your time spent in this mode is watching random dice get rolled, watching your characters move around the digital board, and being at the mercy of the... Read Review

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    Mario Party 10 Review

    Matt Liebl Mar 16, 2015