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The latest installment in EA's annual football franchise. Madden NFL 16 promises "all-new controls" that will allow you to "dominate in battle for air supremacy."

Madden NFL 16 Review

It has become popular to hate on the Madden franchise in recent years. When you corner the market on NFL video games for consoles, people expect more from you and resent you if you don’t live up to their expectations. Such is the case with Madden. Year after year, the team at EA puts out a solid product, if unspectacular product. As the third entry on the current console generation, Madden NFL 16 doesn’t feel like a rehash of past years. There are redesigns, quality of life changes, and gameplay alterations that feel like they’ve been in the works for quite some time. Desperately needed changes to the passing game, new controls, all-new animations, a more intuitive UI, and a new scouting system make Madden 16 feel like more than a fresh paint of coat. But... Read Review

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